Hemant Pendse, a rising star on the horizon of Indian Classical Music has by now established his own identity. Born in Dhule, he had his early schooling in Bhusawal & Jalgaon. He secured a Diploma in Mechanical engineering from Jalgaon Polytechnic. But he had true love for music it was in born in him and was promoted by his elder sister who was learning music in Bhusawal. Hemant received his early training at late Shri.Manohar Betavadkar. Later he found his real Guru in Late Pt.Jitendra Abhisheki. He lived with him as a member of his family from 1978-1990. During this period the Guru imparted invaluable training in vocal recital

Pt.Abhisheki had a rare quality of absorbing whatever was good in other Gharanas also. Like-wise he inspired his disciples to acquire true love for good music. His Guru’s unique style of learning and teaching was in filtered in his disciples also and Hemant was no exception.

Hemant’s devotion to his Guru, coupled with his own creativity has well been reflected in the Bandishis composed by him.

He began giving performances in India and Abroad.(USA Tour 2006, UAE Tour 2006).

He had also given a performance in the famous Sawai Gandharva Music Festival(1994,2006),in Pune. And in many pretigious music conferences at Delhi, Goa, Culcutta, Mumbai and all over India.

He has composed some Bandishis and devotional songs, which are compiled in Guru vandana , ”Santanchiye Gavi” and "Nave Shabda... Nave Sur" in a special thematic program

His performances have been appreciated by the audience. Press reports given by eminent Critics speak highly about him.

He is also a associated with “ Lalit Kala Kendra (Centre for Performing Arts) Pune University as a (visiting Lecturer) “Manad Guru”

He owns his fame and glory to his masters who have enriched him so much in this field. Still he is endeavoring to march ahead for reaching higher and higher levels of his performance.

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