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Mharo Pranam, a musical extravaganza showcasing the varied compositions of world renowned, classical singer, Meerabai, an avid devotee of Lord Krishna.

It is conceptualized by Pt. Hemant Pendse, will be a unique synergy of vocals, dance, music and poetic narrations presented by eminent, professional artists. It is the desire of Pt. Pendse and his organisation, Manhar Sangeet Sabha, to share this rich cultural heritage with a cross section of society. The renditions will be composed so as to be appealing to all who come together for this enchanting evening of dance and music, be they members of the general public, students of theatre, or even connoisseurs of classical music. 
 Meerabai occupies a unique status among the saints of India. Being born of royalty did not stop her from becoming well versed in all the religious texts. As a result, her compositions showcase her deep “Madhura Bhakti” and have become immensely popular in India and abroad. However, the art fraternity is familiar only with this aspect of Meerabai.




Mharo Pranam, a concept based on the life story of this great Saint, is an artistic expression of renowned vocalist Pt. Hemant Pendse, a senior disciple of the late Pt. Jitendra Abhisheki. It is an ambitious journey into the heart and very soul of this illustrious musician who gave birth to devotional bhajans of exceptional and everlasting love and dedication. The dance choreography will be performed by the well known Kathak artist, Prerana Deshpande, a senior disciple of the late Guru Rohini Bhateji. The script is artistically written by Dr. Neha Wagh. The playback singer for this program will be Pt. Shounak Abhisheki. Other distinguished artists who will add range and diversity to this magical evening will be Vibhavari Apte, Madhura Datar, Sayli Joshi and Mrudula Tambe. Many of these artistes have gained much recognition on various dance and music television programs. The music compositions will be catchy and unforgettable, ensuring a great public response.     

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